1. First have ‘Wisdom’; if knowledge is having a tool box full of tools, wisdom is knowing which tool to use. True wisdom can guide wise decisions saving you time, energy, and money. It can also give confidence to face any situation and find a solution. We believe true wisdom comes from God and the wisdom of God is necessary when faced with life’s choices. This is when understanding the tools in the toolbox becomes relevant and it leads to ‘Encouragement’.


2. Once wisdom is acquired ‘Encouragement’ follows; encouragement can come from family, friends, co-enthusiasts and the Holy Spirit; it’s the people close to you that want to see you succeed. Encouragement is important because it creates a fire, which keeps the mindset to give it your all and keep pushing forward.  Encouragement leads to Believing.


3. Once you have the wisdom of God and the encouragement to succeed, you can ‘Believe’ it’s possible. Believing is the last piece to the puzzle; it gives strength and endurance to the fire. What good would it be to have lots of wisdom and encouragement if you don’t even believe it?

The Name: Wisdom Encouragement Believe (“WEB”)

WEB is an acronym of Wisdom Encouragement Believe; but the meaning goes further:


Our motto: "With the wisdom of God and the encouragement to succeed, you can believe it’s possible’'

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